Calendar of usage for the twin Brackett telescopes
View the Live Astronomy webcast from Brackett Observatory.
This site provides a number of guides for observing at Brackett, and introduces software features that make for more effective observing.
Specifications & manual for the Various Brackett Telescope
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Live Webcasts

from Brackett Observatory

By using our astrometric-quality PixeLINK camera with commercially-available webcam software, Brackett Observatory offers live, color webcasts of our solar system, including the Sun, Moon, Jupiter, and Saturn.

Webcasting will always be offered during solar and lunar eclipses during the Pomona College academic year.   Information on our next scheduled webcast can be found in the Brackett Observatory calendar, or by contacting us.

Live Astronomy Webcast: video feed of Sun/Moon/Planets.


Brackett Roof: overlooking Robodome.
Brackett Dome: video feed from inside the Brackett Dome.
Whitney Dome: video feed from inside the Rock House Dome.


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