Lessons by Jon

Th-th-th-that's All Folks!!

There, that wasn't so bad, was it? You are now a well-informed person qualified to ask questions on the MacHTTP-list without fear that everyone is laughing because you're the only one that didn't know that (whatever "that" was). And, of course, you are now ready to start helping others as well. That's always the best way to say "Thank you", passing on the help (or kindness or love, but probably not from these pages) to others that was shown to you.

These pages are maintained in my "free" time - which usually means my wife is doing all the house and family work while I type away. For that reason updates will occur sporadically, in bursts, and without notice. I do appreciate suggestions for improvement or, more importantly, a gentle notice of something I've gotten wrong. I've left many things out until I understand them sufficiently to be confident of what I write, but there was plenty I wrote on that I'm not completely sure of.

If this has been especially helpful to you,I always enjoy hearing about it. Feel free to send e-mail to thank me, or to ask questions about the parts I glossed over, or (more importantly) to let me know of any errors you find. Email should be sent to me at jonwd@tjp.washington.edu.

If you want to copy part or all of these pages to create your own helpful documentation, please let me know. I'm not at all opposed to it, I just like knowing how it is being used. OK, I'm nosy. There. I'd still like to know, though.


I do plan eventually to credit all of the people that have provided examples or explanations which I used to write the lessons. Unfortunately, most of that material was thrown into a drop folder for months and now I can't track some of it. Here are a few of the names that I know for certain: There are many others. I am grateful to all of you, whoever you are.
Jon Wiederspan
Last Edited: December 11, 1994