Bunjil the Creator #1

Bunjil was not satisfied until he had created sentient human beings. It was a harder task than any he had attempted. The making of other forms of animal life had been comparatively simple. The marking of a man was a challenge to the Great Spirit, for within the framework of flesh there was need for powers of thought, reasoning, and other human characteristics that would seperate man from the animal creation.

He pondered long before attempting the supreme masterpiece. When at last he was ready he prepared two sheets of bark, cutting them to the shape he envisaged as suited to such a noble purpose. Mobility and dexterity were important, and these he incorporated into his design. Next he took soft clay, moulding it to the shape of the bark, smoothing it with his hands.

When the work was finished he danced round the two inert figures, implanting seeds of knowledge and the capacity to reason and learn.

The time had come for his skill to be put to the test. He gave them names--Berrook-boorn and Kookin-berrook. This was the first and most important step, for without names they would have lacked personality and spirit. Bunjil was well aware that if these beings were to fulfill their purpose, they must share his spirit as well as the characteristics of animals.

Although without breath they were now named and ready for the infilling of the life force. Again Bunjil danced round them and then lay on their bodies, one after the other, breathing breath and life into their mouths, nostrils, and navels.

For the third time Bunjil danced round them. As his feet wove intricate patterns in the dust, Berrook-boorn and Kookin-berrook rose slowly to their feet. They linked hands with Bunjil and with each other, joining the All-Father in the dance of life singing with him the first song that ever came from the lips of man.

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