Drinking Vessel

Mexico, possibly from Campeche (AD 593-830) Height: 8 in.

This vessel is ceramic with red, white, and black slip paint on a yellow cream slip background. Hun Ahaw and Xbalanque, the Hero Twins are depicted on the vessel meeting the primary lord of the underworld. This drinking vessel is painted with unusual orange and yellow colors. The artist used ornate and intricate hieroglyphs for this vessel. The writing pronounces that this vessel is used to drink a special chocolate drink made from the sweet pulp of the cacao fruit, consumed by the elite during special occasions. The Hero Twins are named in writing above their respective images.

Drinking Vessel

Guatemala (AD 650-800) Height 8.75 in.

This vessel is ceramic with red, white, gray, and black slip paint on cream slip ground. The painting on this drinking vessel depicts the birth of a supernatural being framed by a white umbilical cord. The artist used the blending properties of slip paint to create the subtle colors of the figure's body.