Eclipse Picture: Panel 53, section b, block VI

This section is part of the Eclipse Table proper. It displays an eclipse picture. "The pictures in the eclipse table include representation of the Sun God, and death god, Venus, and the goddess Ix Tab..." (Aveni, Literature, 103)

This is the Moon Goddess, "Ix Tab, who is portrayed hanging from a sky band... The goddess, with her eye closed, is marked by black spots on her cheek and nipple, iconography associated with death and eclipses... In Yucatec Maya, the eclipsed body (sun or moon) is said to have its eye extinguished or blinded..." (Aveni, Literature, 103). "There seems little doubt that the Maya sought to predict eclipses because of the disaster which they believed threatened them on such occasions. ...[These figures of a] pendent dead women and death god above her... are ominous enough." (Aveni, Skywatchers, 177)


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