The aboriginal stories of creation, myths and legends about moral and natural issues, and fables are a remarkable group of tales--full of evocative, sometimes even surreal, imagery and deep observations on life. While no doubt these stories have been tainted by a Western viewpoint, they still represent a remarkable chance to understand even a little about cultures that lived for tens of thousands of years. What follows here is the beginning of an on-line collection of stories, taken from as many sources as possible and from as many different Aboriginal cultures as possible.

Baiame and Yhi

Baiame is the Great Spirit of many groups who lived on the High Plains and throughout the south-eastern region of the continent. Yhi is a corresponding sun goddess.

Baiame and the First Man and Woman
Yhi Brings Life to the World
Baiame and Man
The Creation of Women
Baiame and Marmoo
Baiame the Benefactor


Bunjil is another Great Spirit figure of the Kulin and the Wotjobaluk groups of western Victoria and south-eastern SA.

Bunjil the Creator (story 1)
Bunjil the Creator (story 2)
The Creation of Port Phillip
Bunjil is Swept Away from Earth

Fables and Short Stories

The Coming of Death
The First Man in the Southern Cross
The Gifts of the Sun Goddess
The Great Flood
Suns, Moons, and Stars

Many more stories coming soon!

All stories at present adapted from Aboriginal Myths, Legends, & Fables by A.W. Reed.

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