Map of Alaska

The Inuits

by Pomona College students Kimberly Hata, Arthur Wendel and Rachel Baar.

Description of Inuit Social Organization, Law, Medicine and Ritual

Description of Inuit Cosmology and Conception of Time

An Inuit Folk Tale - The Hunter and The Polar Bear

An Inuit Sky Tale - Sun and Moon

Works Cited

Additional Sources for the Inuit

Authors and Acknowlegments

Gallery of Inuit Images and Artifacts

Scene of Inuit Hunters and Caribou

Line Drawings of Characteristic Inuit Carvings

A Larger set of Line Drawings of Decorative Inuit Artifacts and Hunting Implements

Line Drawing of a Decorative Inuit Ivory Carving

Line Drawing of Mysterious Anthropomorphic Carved Figures

Ice dogs.


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