Placing Lintels

1). An large mound of earth is thrown up around the two upright stones, just to their tops. The top of the mound is leveled and a ramp is shaped for hauling the lintel.

2). Log rollers are placed atop the mound for final lintel positioning and adjustment.

3). Ropes are secured to the lintel in preparation for hauling it up the mound. Rollers are placed beneath the lintel to ease the hauling process.

4). The lintel is carefully hauled up the ramp by pulling on the attached ropes.

5). The lintel is placed atop the adjusting rollers atop the mound, just above the buried uprights.

6). Two double levers with ropes are positioned in order to shift the stone to its proper location.

7). Once the desired position has been determined, the lintel is lowered onto the upright stones beneath. The levers, ropes, and dirt mound/ramp are then cleared away, leaving the upright stones and lintel perfectly positioned.

*As depicted in Stonehenge, by E. Herbert Stone

***An alternative hypothesis suggests the use of a crib and perpendicularly stacked logs to raise the lintel in a three step process***

*As depicted in Stonehenge, by R.J.C. Atkinson