Multicultural Cosmology: Week 7, Assignment 11

Readings: Hudson and Underhay, p.9-53, p.126-137.

"So when she sang, she sang first about the moon, that it brought the night from the east and placed the night upon the earth, for the moon herself was covered with night.. it was her right to sing the song about the sun, for when the night would pass away the sun would appear in the east, where all the bear family had to look to; for from the sun they received their power of animal magnetism and also inhaled the rays of the sun so that no harm would come to them.."

Passage describing the Skidi Pawnee Dance of Pitahawirata, quoted in Von Del Chamberlain, "When the Stars Came Down to Earth".

1). As we begin our study of the Native American Chumash, we need to consider the elements of the natural world which mold both the cosmology and social structure of the society. What powers would be most important to the Chumash, and how were they responsible for the societal structure described in Hudson and Underhay?

2). Briefly outline the main points which organize the world according to the Chumash.

3). Agricultural societies, due to their need to accurately tie their activities into the yearly season, need astronomical observations to survive. Why would the Chumash need these observations?