Multicultural Cosmology: Week 8, Assignment 12

Readings: Hudson and Underhay, p. 90-125, p.137-148.

Please have finished reading all of Hudson and Underhay by next Thursday..

"Over all is Tirawa, the One Above, changeless and supreme. From Tirawa comes all things: Tirawa made the heavens and the stars. The pathway of Departed Spirits (the Milky Way) parts the heavens. In the beginning, east of the path was Man; west of the path was Woman. .. In the west dwelt the White Star Woman, the Evening Star, who must be sought and overcome that creation might be achieved. From the east went forth the Great Star, the Morning Star, to find and overcome the Evening Star, that creation might be achieved. .. When the Morning Star had overcome the Evening Star, he received from her a pebble, and he let fall the pebble into great waters. After a long time, the pebble became the earth."

Passage describing the Skidi Pawnee Creation Myth, quoted in Von Del Chamberlin, "When the Stars Came Down to Earth".


1). New format! Now we are hoping to change these assignments from three short answers to one polished, focused and concise essay. This essay will be assigned a numerical score. Write a 2 page essay examining the one aspect of the Chumash culture you find most unique and interesting. Explain with specific references from Hudson and Underhay the details of the cultural phenomenon, relate it to the Chumash cosmology, and explain how the cultural aspect is different from one of the other cultures we have studied in the course.