Astronomy 6: Archeoastronomy and World Cosmology
Fall 2000: Professor Bryan Penprase
               Schedule of Class Topics and Readings (revised)  
  Oct 1-7 Navajo, Pawnee and Anasazi Cosmology and Astronomy Navajo, Pueblo and Anasazi Culture and Cosmology  
  5 Williamson, p. 59-76,151-198 Williamson p. 77-150  
  Week Tues Thursday Misc. Notes/Events
  Oct 8-Oct 14 California Indians and the Chumash Chumash Society, Cosmology, and Astronomical Lore  
  6 Hudson, p. 9-45; Williamson, p. 269-297; Krupp p. 126-137 Hudson, p.  45-98    
  Oct 15-Oct 21 Fall Break Student Presentations from Unit II  
  7 Hudson, p. 99-148 Hetherington, p. 25-36; Ronan, p. 67-117  
OCT Oct 22-Oct 28 Chinese Civilization, Cosmology and Philosophy Chinese Astronomical Acheivements Bonfire and Star Party at Brackett Observatory
  8 Krupp, p. 58-61, 109-115, 177-181,196-198, 259-263, 333-337 Ronan p. 117-147, 195-221 Oct 26, 9PM
  Oct 29- Nov 4 Ancient MesoAmerican Culture  Mayan Codices, Calendars and Cosmology ; Aztec and Teotihuacan Civilizations  
  9 Aveni, p. 93-146 Krupp, p. 52-58, 75-81, 118-122, 184-189, 205-211, 277-302  
  Nov 5-Nov 11 Astronomy and Cosomology of the Ancient Inca Empire Unique Aspects of Southern Hemisphere Ancient Astronomy; Inca and Aboriginal Sky Lore Desert Camping II - Rock Art in the Mojave (exact date TBA)
  10 Aveni, p. 147-176; Urton, p. 95-121 ; Krupp, p.48-51, 182-183, 199-202 Urton, p. 169-191; readings on Aborigines  
  Week Tues Thursday Misc. Notes/Events
  Nov 12-Nov 18 Special Collections Tour Student Presentations from Unit III  
NOV Nov 19-Nov 25 Wrapup of Archeoastreonomy Thanksgiving Thanksgiving
  12 Aveni, p. 177-193    
  Nov 27-Dec 2 Later Greek Astronomy and Cosmology -- Aristotle, Ptolemney and Arabic Astronomy Midterm  
  13 Hetherington, p. 79-103, Evans, p. 35-74    
  Dec 3-Dec 6 Ptolemney, Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, Newton and the Development of Physics Modern Astrophysical Cosmology -- Einstein to Hubble Field Trip to TMO or Mt. Wilson
  14   Krupp, p. 315-348  
DEC Finals Week   Final Project Presentations (during Final Exam time or TBA) Final Project Due 12/17
  15 Readings from Hubble, Einstein, and others