Multicultural Cosmology: Week 3

ID1, Section 18 - Fall 1994


Readings: Aveni, ET, 17-81, Munitz 8-31, Campbell 141-146


"When as a child I laughed and wept, Time crept.

When as a youth I waxed more bold, Time strolled.

When I became a full-grown man, Time RAN.

When older still I daily grew, Time FLEW.

Soon I shall find, in passing on, Time gone."


Poem from the front of the clock case in the North Transept of Chester Cathedral, attributed to H. Twells (1823-1900).

1). To perform a personal examination of time, please document a single minute of time. Using a watch with a second hand, observe this one minute as carefully as possible. Then write as many details as possible: the location you are in, the sounds and sights available to you, and the 'feeling' of the time you are observing. Have you proved that time is relative?

2). "Every Age has the Stonehenge it deserves -- or desires", according to Jacquetta Hawke. Aveni interprets the meaning of this statement, but what is your interpretation?