Multicultural Cosmology: Writing Assignment #2

First draft due: October 21, 1993

Write a "brief history of time" for a society of your choice. The society can be an existing society, a past society or an imaginary society. Please provide the temporal context of the society: how long ago was the universe formed to the society? what are the earliest events known to the society? what does time mean to the society? what important past events and rituals related to the passage of time exist? Be creative!

The imaginary society could be constructed along the lines of one of the thought experiments in Einstein's Dreams-- time could depend on where people live, or could be sped up or slowed down relative to ours. The society could even be non human!

If you choose to write about an actual society, please write about a different society than the one you wrote about in assignment #1. Also, if you choose to write about a society discussed at length in Aveni, be sure in your treatment to go beyond Aveni's.

Your paper should be 3-5 pages. Please provide citations with footnotes or parenthetical items in the text, and be clear, concise, coherent with structured paragraphs.