Multicultural Cosmology: Final Writing Assignment

Abstracts due: November 11, 1993

First draft due: November 30, 1993

This project will require you to consider the interaction between two societies of your choice. Again, creativity is encouraged. The main purpose is to critically evaluate the differences between two cultures. In a paper of 7-10 pages, please present a treatment of one of the following topics:

1). Describe the first encounter between two different cultures, and the reactions within the members of the societies resulting from the contact, with specific reference to the clash in cosmologies and world models between the societies. The encounter can be an actual historical event, or can be an imaginary juxtaposition involving time travel or some other means to bring together members the two societies.

2). A critical comparison and contrast between the cosmologies of two different societies, and an investigation of the possible causes for similarities and differences in the cosmologies. This would be a well developed research paper which would make good use of bibliographic sources.

The project should have a substantial research component, and therefore probably needs to be based in actual human cultures. Exceptions will gladly be made for those who are interested in exploring an imaginary society -- please make arrangements in advance though. Good luck!