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Dr. Bryan Penprase is the Director of the Frank P. Brackett Observatory and is the Astronomy Program Coordinator. He teaches archeoastronomy, introductory astronomy, astrophysics and does research on quasar absorption lines, gamma ray bursts, the interstellar medium, galactic structure, and nearby galaxies.

Dr. Alma Zook teaches courses in optics, general physics and the physics of music. Her research studies the physics of active galactic nuclei and laboratory optics, and she has involved several students in her observing campaigns of blazar variability using the Pomona College 1-meter telescope.

Dr. Thomas Moore, the author of several outstanding textbooks in general physics teaches the introductory physics course and a popular course in general relativity. His research involves gravitational waves, and he has been involved in research studies for the LISA space-based gravitational wave telescope.

Dr. Tom Jarrett is a visiting instructor from Caltech. He teaches the popular Life in the Universe course and is involved in research with students on infrared astronomy. His research studies the infrared properties of galaxies, and he was a lead investigator with the 2MASS all-sky infrared survey.

Dr. Ann Esin, is an Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Harvey Mudd College. She has taught the Observational Astronomy and Introductory Astrophysics classes. Her research is on active galactic nuclei and she has worked on observational and theoretical topics including optical and x-ray astronomy, and more recently has been using the Pomona 1-meter telescope to study clusters of young stars.

Further information on the faculty in the physics and astronomy department at Pomona College can be found at the Pomona College Physics Faculty page.

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