Panoramic View of the Las Campanas Observatory site

This huge image shows the view of the Las Campanas Observatory in full size, as if you were there. You can look to the left to see the 100" DuPont telescope, and the 40" telescope down the hill, while on top of mountain are the two commanding Magellan telescopes, one of the world's leading astronomical facilities. Around further (in the center of the image) is the lodge, and beyond the lodge a commanding view of the surrounding mountains.

Observing in Chile is like nothing else -- one can hear it described, or read about it, but being there is needed to understand the pristine serenity of these mountain observatories. Add to the picture the crystal clear Chilean stars, the friendly astronomers at the mountain and the whole experience of seeing things in the sky nobody else has ever seen before and you have some sense of what observing in Chile is like.

This picture is an attempt to give some visual information on the site and help others appreciate what the observing site is like.
Also keep in mind this picture is half sized -- if you are interested in getting a copy of the full-sized image please contact me.