Useful Links for Astronomy and History of Ancient World Astronomy

Below is a partial list of useful ancient astronomy links which have been examined and found to be very useful for their relevance and content in teaching archeoastronomy. This list will be updated regularly, and the goal is to present a concise list of truly useful and innovative web pages which can supplement the study and teaching of world astronomy.

If you have suggestions for additional links please send them to Dr. Bryan Penprase, at the email address

General History of Astronomy/Science Links

Exploring Ancient World Cultures (a general work on ancient cultures)

Ousia: Links for Ancient Astronomy/Astrology (temporarily out of order) (part of a comprehensive guide to ancient culture)

Clive Ruggle's Archive of Archeoastronomy Images (covers all continents, and offers spectacular images using interactive database).

History of Astronomy and Space Science (from the University of Washington )

History of Astronomy (from Bonn, Germany)

History of Astronomy: Items: Calendars, Time and Chronology (a nice entry from Bonn, Germany)

History of Science from University of Frankfurt, Germany

Geniet Archeoastronomy Bibliography

Astronomy History Resources Resources (from Space Telescope Science Instiitute)

European Astronomy History

Perseus Project Homepage (from Tufts University)
IMSS - History of Science Museum - Florence Italy
The Art of Renaissance Science

The Galileo Project Homepage (NEW FRONT END: TEST B1) (from Rice University)

Native American/ MesoAmerican Astronomy History

The Maya Astronomy Page (The MicheilB page from the Netherlands -- excellent!)

ousia: for the Mayanist ... (temporarily out of order) (a huge list of resources for Mayanists)

Anasazi Ruins of the Southwest (temporarily out of order)

A study of the Tenabo, New Mexico site by the Lake County (Illinois) Astronomical Society

Southwestern Archaeology (SWA) (General information on archeology from Arizona State University)

Index of Native American Resources on the Internet (Karen Strom's comprehensive list -- complete and valuable)

Aboriginal (Native American) Star Knowledge: Menu (an interesting page from Europe)

Out of This World Exhibition

Native Amrican Indian -- Art, Culture, Education, History. Science, --Native Sources, Metasite Startpage

Table of Contents -- Voyage to Another Universe (Karen Strom's travellog of New Mexico)


Other World Astronomy History

ousia: for the Egyptologist ... (temporarily out of order)

A Guide to Ancient Near Eastern Astronomy (temporarily out of order) (from the University of Texas)
The Astronomy Of Ancient Egypt (temporarily out of order)

Welcome to Egypt-The Valley Of The Kings


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