The Center for Archaeoastronomy was founded in 1978 at the University of Maryland to advance research, education and public awareness of archaeoastronomy. The journal of the Center, Archaeoastronomy, was started in 1977 and is the only publication devoted exclusively to world archaeoastronomy and ethnoastronomy. Subscriptions to Archaeoastronomy are accompanied by a quarterly newsletter called Archaeoastronomy & Ethnoastronomy News. Since 1985, the Center for Archaeoastronomy has been an independent tax-exempt, non-profit institution which sponsors conferences, lecture series and tours as well as publishing the journal, newsletters, and other special studies. This has enabled the Center to function as both a source and clearinghouse for archaeoastronomy and ethnoastronomy.

  • Who we are...

    The Director of the Center for Archaeoastronomy and Editor of Archaeoastronomy Journal is Dr. John B. Carlson. His specialization is in Native American astronomy, with a focus on Mesoamerica. For a brief introduction to his work, please see "America's Ancient Skywatchers" in the March 1990 issue of National Geographic Magazine.

    Co-Editor of the Journal and A&E News is Dr. David S. P. Dearborn of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. His specialty is Native American astronomy in the Andean cultural area. Dr. Dearborn is also interested in the use of archaeoastronomy as a framework for exploring science with young people. Please contact Dave about material for A&E News at .

    Tania Ruiz is the WebMaster of this site and also part-time Journal editor at large. She is an astronomer at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Currently, she is working on a project to bring the spirit of scientific inquiry into the public school classroom. Her speciality is British prehistory.

  • Getting in touch with us!

    The Center for Archaeoastronomy is located near the University of Maryland at College Park, near Washington, D.C.:

    The Center for Archaeastronomy
    4900 Taylor Street
    Bladensburg, MD 20710-1233

    The mailing address for the Center is:

    The Center for Archaeoastronomy
    P.O. Box "X"
    College Park, MD 20741-3022

    For more information and/or a free package of information, including a sample of our quarterly newsletter, Archaeoastronomy & Ethnoastronomy News, please write to us or call (301) 864-6637 or send us a fax at (301) 699-5337.

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