Ragnarok: The End of the World

Ragnarok is the final battle of the forces of good, the gods, against the forces of evil, the giants which ends in the destruction of the world. The idea of Ragnarok always hung over the heads of gods and mortals alike. Only a few such as Odin knew exactly what would happen in Ragnarok and what would happen after the destruction of the world. Several events are to happen at the time of Ragnarok. A horrible winter will cover the world for three years. Honor will be dead among humans and evil will be at its height. The sun and the moon will be swallowed by the wolves chasing them, bringing darkness across the universe. There will be earthquakes and everything will be ruined or destroyed. Yggdrasil will begin to fall as its roots are chewed at by a great monster. Fenris and Loki will be set free and will join Surtur in leading armies of giants to attack Asgard and the gods. Heimdall will blast his horn warning the gods of the coming of their enemies and they prepared calling forth the warriors of Valhalla, the Einheriar, and the Valkyrs. The great battle begins, hand to hand, man to man. Odin will engage Fenris wolf, Thor will battle the Midgard Serpent, Tyr will fight the dog Garm, Frey will confront Surtur, Heimdall will contest Loki, and the Einheriar will engage other foes and perform great deeds of courage. They all are doomed. Fenris wolf will open his jaws and swallow the mighty Odin, whole. Frey will be slain by Surtur's flaming sword. Heimdall and Loki will kill each other at the same time as will Tyr and Garm. The mighty Thor will kill the Midgard Serpent with a powerful blow from his hammer, Milnir. After which he will stagger back, fall, and drown in the venom of the serpent. Vidar upon discovering the death of his father will rip Fenris' apart from the jaw. After all the gods are slain Surtur will brandish his sword and spread flame across the entire universe burning the heavens, earth, and all the nine worlds. The seas will boil and Yggdrasil will be incinerated. Anything living, animal or vegetable, will die in the flame including Surtur. This will be the end of Ragnarok.

After a certain amount of time the fire will burn out. A fresh, new patch of land will emerge from the sea. The world will begin anew from the offspring of the gods who managed to survive through the destruction of Ragnarok Balder who was slain will be among this new generation of gods and help to regenerate a whole new world. Despite the destruction there is hope.

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