This is a far-field view of the Honda Ridge site. A gated fence surrounds the wall on which the figures are painted, a precaution against vandalism.

This barbed wire may be warranted -

- check out the turn of the century grafitti

The painting at this site appears to have been applied with vigor - the many superimposed images and jumbled lines give the art a frantic tone. The picture here is said to contain dancing figures, though it would be very hard to discern them in this photograph.

The rock face containing the paintings was formed when two giant slabs of rock slide past each other, generating a tremendous amount of pressure and heat which polished the surface to a mirror-like finish. Here is a picture of my hand reflected in the rock. This reflectivness, combined with the flecks of sparkling minerals made the site very visible to the village of Nocto below, and this was most likely a very public ceremonial area (as opposed to the other two sites depicted on this website, which were probably only visited by shamans).

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