Rock art at Swordfish Cave

(original on left, enhanced on right)

Here is a composite view of the Swordfish Cave from the outside. Some improvements have been made to the site, including adding a drainage pipe and lowering the floor for easier access. Most of the following paintings are found on the right side of the cave, and some are found on the far right of the picture where the people are standing.

This is the famous swordfish of Swordfish Cave. The Chumash people thought of the swordfish as the people of the sea, just as they were the people of the earth. As such, the swordfish was thought to be beneficial creature spirit who could be called upon for help - for instance, swordfish could send whales to shore (which may explaing the whale glyph displayed further down this page).

A frog-like creature.

Though ut is hard to make out, "La Puerta" is spelled out here in Spanish-style block letters. In spanish, La Puerta means the portal or the doorway, leading to the belief that a Chumash cowboy vaquero carved the inscription after the appearence of the spanish in hopes of opening a portal to the days before the spanish.

A possible undiscoverd glyph in the shape of an 'S'?

The previously mentioned whale.

A basket, found on the disintegrating rock face just a few feet away from Swordfish Cave.

The Rocket Man. Probably some sort of human figure.

A fertility symbol also found a few feet from the cave itself.