Our Cosmology

When the world the dark, there was a great battle between the GreatMother and the Force of Evil. The Great Mother conquered the Force of Evil. when she stole the secret of his life-force: confectioner's sugar. The Great Mother threw this sugar of life into the heavens, to illuminate the darkness. These dollops of sugar were not in the arrangements we see today. They were randomly scattered, until the junior-lord Michelangelo begat Our Savior, and put him in the sky.

Before the people realized Our Savior to be the savior, they journeyed with him and the mischievous boy into the desert. As the night fell, the bright stars set out by the Great Mother were in accompaniment with the face of Michelangelo, the Moon. And Michelangelo was pondering the ways of the people, and such only showed a glimpse of his face. Then night truly fell, and the people gathered round the fire, seeking its warmth, and the warmth of the man who would later be known as the prophet, Our Savior. And Our Savior waited till silence, and began to speak. He spoke of the stars, and told the story of the battle between the Great Mother, and the Force of Evil And Our Savior told the story of the lesser mother, Cassiopeia, and how she valued herself over others, and Michelangelo put her in the sky as a reminder to the people of her sins. And the people wandered away, and settled in a cove surrounded by quails. And the sky rose above them, and they could see the sin of Cassiopeia, her legs wide open, violated by Perseus. And they saw the Great River the Milky Way to be the perpetual dirtiness of Cassiopeia by Perseus. And the people slept.

And Michelangelo Spake:
My child is your savior, and he shall be known as Our Savior.
Love him...as I love him

And the savior was reified in the form of a constellation so that all >humanity could forever appreciate the beauty of our savior.

And our savior will forever be the most looked upon and brightest constellation in all the skies across all the universe.

Our savior symbolizes the favorite holiday of all women--the day Casseopia--a well known holiday between the holiday of Easter Rabbit and Flag Day. Upon this holiday, all women begot small saviors through copulation with the master of all men, Persius.

Our savior came down and appeared to disciple Starwind.
And he was cold, and the disciple gave him the shirt off her back.
And our savior taught the disciple many things, and gave her rest and peace.
And the savior left the disciple, and journeyed to the City of Sin to help others in need.
And the disciple went to the wilderness for a night and two days.
She gathered her fellow disciples and told them of the wonders of our savior.
And the disciple Moondance told of a journey to the holy land, to commune with our savior, and follow his teachings my helping others in need.