6000 B.C.
First Agriculture appears in the Mexican Highlands

5000 B.C.
Cultivation of corn in Mexico

3000 B.C.
Pottery appears in Mexico, Columbia and Equador

2000 B.C.
First permanent villages appear in Mesoamerica.

1500 B.C.
Earliest known Mesoamerican monuments; Rise of the Olmec civilization on the Gulf Coast of Mexico.

700 B.C.
Monte Alban founded

300 B.C.
Pottery appears across American Southwest

200 A.D.
Teotihuacan Empire at its height in Central Mexico

250 A.D.
Beginning of Classic Maya period

300 A.D.
Nazca Culture in Peru

500 A.D.
Rise of Anasazi culture in American Southwest. First stone buildings appear.

600 A.D.
Collapse of Teotihuacan.

900 A.D.
End of Classic Maya period; collapse of the lowland Maya empire. Begin Post-Classic Maya

920 A.D.
Building of Uxmal and other sites in the Yucatan.

920 A.D.
Pueblo Bonito Complex built in Chaco Canyon, N.M. Anasazi culture at its height.

1000 A.D.
Caracol at Chichen Itza constructed.

1100 A.D.
Decline of Chaco Anasazi culture; New settlements appear to the north.

1250 A.D.
Dresden Codex written.

1325 A.D.
Pueblo people in the Rio Grande area. Pueblo IV era

1519 A.D.
Cortez lands in Mexico.