6000 B.C.
End of Channel land bridge; Britian separated from mainland

5000 B.C.
Early Neolithic period ; first farmers and megalithic tombs appear in Britain and Brittany

3500 B.C.
Building of Newgrange, Ireland; earliest construction of Stonehenge I underway.

2500 B.C.
Maes Howe

2300 B.C.
Stone megaliths appear at Stonehenge

2000 B.C.
Bronze introduced in Britain

1200 B.C.
Collapse of Minoan empire

1100 B.C.
Trojan War

624 B.C.
Birth of Thales.

385 B.C.
Eudoxus of Rhodes visits Plato's Academy

300 B.C.
Greek science reaches its height.

147 B.C.
Hipparchos develops star catalog, develops techniques for measuring stellar brightness and distance.

140 A.D.
Ptolemney's Almagest written; Greek science begins to decline soon afterwards.

450 A.D.
Decline and fall of Roman Empire

850 A.D.
Charlemagne founds Holy Roman Empire

1000 A.D.
Vikings discover America

1473 A.D.
Birth of Copernicus

1543 A.D.
Publication of De Revolutionibus, Copernicus' master work.