The Dresden Codex

From page 5 of the Dresden Codex. The god second from the right, originally identified as god C from the alphabetic nomenclature of Paul Schellhas, is thought to represent the North Star, or possibly Ursa Minor, the little dipper.

The Venus Tables of the Dresden Codex

Be sure to check out the Maya Astronomy Page by MichielB beforehand, however, if you are not familiar with the structure of the Mayan calendar.

The following pages deal with a period of 2920 days, within which, five appearances of Venus years of 584 days each correspond to the eight solar years of 365 days each. Each period of 2920 days rotates 13 times, resulting in 37,960 days, or 146 tonalamatls of 260 days each.

An imagemap of the Venus Calendar. Try clicking and take a tour!

Page created by and text translated from the Spanish by Leigh Ann Sabicer from Antonio Villacorta's work, Codices Mayas, 1930.

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