A listing of dates:

XIII LamatXII EzanabII LamatX Cib
VIII LamatVII EzanabX LamatV Cib
III LamatII EzanabV LamatXIII Cib
XI LamatX EzanabXIII LamatVIII Cib
VI LamatV EzanabVIII LamatIII Cib
I LamatXIII EzanabIII LamatXI Cib
IX LamatVIII EzanabXI LamatVI Cib
IV LamatIII EzanabVI LamatI Cib
XII LamatXI EzanabI LamatIX Cib
VII LamatVI EzanabIX LamatIV Cib
II LamatI EzanabIV LamatXII Cib
X LamatIX EzanabXII LamatVII Cib
V LamatIV EzanabVII LamatII Cib

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